Observational Communication


Deception Detection - And So Much More

When we think of deception detection, we think of gruff detectives ripping the truth from hardened criminals. But we can do so much more when we learn to read what people are really telling us.

Learn to see the real message

Whether they want to or not, people are generally going to show us the truth. We simply have to know what to look for. At work, at home, or at school - wherever you communicate with others, OCS can help you do it better!

It's Like Active Listening - On Steroids!

Don't just think of interviews and interrogations. Arbitration, negotiation, Human Resources, contracts, and sales are just a few areas where you will benefit from OCS.

Facial Expressions and Micro Expressions

Learn to observe and accurately read people's facial expressions - even the ones they make subconsciously.

Linguistics and Para-Linguistics

The words we use and the words we don't use are vitally important to our message. How we use our voice also sends critical messages.

Body Language (Kinesics)

Learn the most common mistakes in reading body language. Observe the other person's movements and stance, and let them show you how they really feel.

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